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Instant Dry Yeast

Preparation method: Mix yeast sachet content with 2 table spoons of sugar to 1/3 cup of warm water then leave in a warm place for fermentation. Either add directly to the flour or mix with dough 1 minute after start to mix .


Preparation method: -Add 100 gm of   powder to 200 ml of cold milk in a     deep bowl. -Whip with an electrical mixer at medium speed for 3 min.


preparation method : 1- Empty the contents in a bowl (metal – Pyrex – clay).                       2-Add 1 liter of sweetened hot milk. 3-Cover the surface with whipped topping or 2 tablespoons of butter. 4-Put inside oven (175/180 ◦C) until the surface turns into your favorite golden color.


Prepare syrup: By adding a cup and half of sugar to a cup and half of water and heat until boiling and get the textures (relatively light) and can add some vanilla as desired. Preparation of basbussa: Heat oven at a temperature of (180oc). Add the contents of the package to the cup of yogurt…

Cheese cake

Preparation Method: Add 1 kg of Cheese cake  powder to 2 liter of water, and stir well. Whips  the mixture with Mixer or Kneader  , until get a cohesive texture

Sahlab Powder

Preparation method :- 1- For 1 cup please add 2 tea spoon of the mix on 1 cup of cold milk , sugar can be added  upon request . 2-Heat the mixture while stirring till the requested viscosity. 3-Pour the mixture in the serving cup to be served  hot with nuts

Cream caramel powder with caramel sauce

Preparation method :- 1-Pour the contents of caramel sauce bag in large mold or 4 small molds. 2- Add the powder mix to 2 cup of milk (1/2litre) and stir to dissolve. 3- Heat with constantly stirring till it boiling. 4- Pour into molds over caramel sauce and leave it in the refrigerator to cool.…