Cream caramel powder with caramel sauce

Cream caramel powder with caramel sauce



Bait food cream caramel is rich and creamy dessert with caramel sauce and easy to prepare.

Ingredients of cream caramel powder:

sugar – carrageenan(E407)- guar gum(E412)- ethyl vanillin – natural color( riboflavin”E101i”- beetroot”E162″).

Ingredients of caramel sauce:

Glucose – sugar- treated water.

Preparation method :

1-Pour the contents of caramel sauce Pack in large mold or 4 small molds.

2- Add sachet content of cream caramel powder  to 2 cups (1/2litre)of  cold milk in  a bowl  and stir well  to complete dissolve.

3- Heat  the mixture with constantly stirring till start boil.

4- Pour the mixture  into   Previously prepared molds over caramel sauce and leave in the refrigerator to cool.

5- reverse cream caramel from mold  to serve dishes and serve.

Net weight :70 gm – 10 kg

Expiry : 12 months.


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