Cream patisserie Powder

Cream patisserie Powder



Bait Food Cream patisserie used as filling for many desserts. It is rich and delicious. Quick and easy to prepare.


Sugar – Modified Starch (E1414)- Skimmed Milk Powder -Vegetable Oils( Palm Kern Oil – Coconut Oil )- Emulsifier ( E472a- E471)- Stabilizers (E401- E339)- Vanillin – Permitted Food Color(Tartrazine”E102”- Sunset Yellow “E110”).

Preparation method:

1-Put  2.5Kg of water in a bowl and slowly add  1 Kg of cream patisserie powder .

2-Mix by hand or electric mixer.

3-leave to stand for 15-20 min before use.

Expiry : 12 months.

Net weight : 1 -10 kg.


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