Flour Corn

Flour Corn



is one of the most important species and natural lord’s beneficial for the body and skin cornmeal this strange creature hallelujah in which the creator has deposited  the many benefits of it and what we know of them unless we know after the starch has many uses in the kitchen recipes especially desserts we recommend mixes with cold water before adding it to the host mixture  use a tablespoon of starch per cup of water and begin mixing starch with a spoon a tablespoon of water before adding the rest of the water


Corn starch Bait Food is  used as a thickening agent for both savory and sweet recipes . it use in cakes, cookies, pies filling, custard, pudding.


Corn starch



suggested recipe for Mehalabia:-

1-Add 2 Tablespoon of corn starch Bait food Powder to 2 cups of sweetened cold milk and stir well till completely dissolved.

2-Put mixture at medium heat with continue stirring till get texture thick “”served cold “.

Net Weight: 50 gm,300 gm


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