Wipping Cream Powder

Wipping Cream Powder




Whipping Cream Powder  with vegetable  low fat (sweetened) :-

Whipping cream Bait Food easy to prepare . simply adding chilled water or milk to the powder will let you prepare fluffy cream in few minutes.


Ingredientds :-


palm kern oil – emulsifier (E472a) –sugar- Skimmed milk powder  – modified potato starch “E1414″- thickening agent (Guar gum”E412”) – vanillin – natural identical cream flavor.


Preparation method:-

1- Pour 125ml cold water or cold milk in a deep bowl .

2- Add contents of the sachet
3-  Whip with electric mixer at highest speed for 3-4 minutes or to get required  texture and you can use hand whisk for whipping .


Net Weight: 45 gm

Expiry :  24 months


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